City Tour

As a relatively small country, Sri Lanka does not have many cities, but what it does have are a few major cities that teem with excitement around every corner. From the ever-changing skyline of the commercial capital, Colombo, to the coastal beauty of Galle and Negombo, Sri Lanka day tours offer the best Sri Lanka sightseeing tours. The size of the cities may be diminutive, but by the end of the day, these cities will have you begging for more.

It is often said that the greatest invention of mankind is cities, places where people gather to make a better life for themselves and others in large numbers, and this is no truer than it is in Sri Lanka. The country’s greatest cities grew organically rather than artificially to settle people from the outskirts. The great city of Kandy, the last seat of the Ceylonese kings, is a mix of old and new, a maze that might bewilder the unfamiliar, but this adds charm to the city rather than hinders a visitor’s view of the place.