Diving and snorkeling

Sri Lanka is a beautiful location which is not only known for its beautiful beaches but also for its vast wildlife, exotic locations, and marine ecosystems. Because of this, Sri Lanka is also known as a country having exotic snorkeling spots which are the best for exploring, as many of these spots remain unexplored. These spots are best for anyone who loves adventure sports. If you are here, then snorkeling in Sri Lanka is a must-experience.

Diving and snorkeling in the waters of the Indian Ocean are amazing. The best time to visit Sri Lanka for snorkeling is between November to April. This is for the south and west coasts, but if you are interested in the east coast of Sri Lanka, then April and September are the best times to visit.

Places for Snorkeling in Sri Lanka


Bentota under the Indian Ocean is filled with not only a variety of aquatic animals, plants and corals, but also shipwrecks that are waiting to be discovered. If you are someone who would enjoy this kind of adventure, then this is a place you must visit for a snorkeling session.


Hikkaduwa is a small town located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. It is believed to be one of the most popular places for snorkeling in the country. With impressive coral reefs and marine animals, you are sure to have one of the best snorkeling trips of your life!


If snorkeling alongside majestic blue whales is your dream, then live it here at Mirissa! Not only will you be able to swim and snorkel with whales, but also with various turtles and marine animals!

Pigeon Island

A snorkeling session here is a must for anyone who enjoys a good dive. You will be able to see not only the breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs that protect the marine life here, but also a variety of sharks and turtles!