Elephant gathering

The elephant gathering in Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka, is one of the most spectacular wildlife phenomena in the world. Hundreds of Asian elephants from different herds congregate in the same place every year between July and October, coinciding with the dry season in the north-central and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. The tank is an amazing place to watch elephants come to bathe and graze on the grass, as well as the huge flocks of birds that come to fish in the shallows.

As it is located in the heart of the ‘cultural triangle’, close to the iconic ‘Sigirya’, Minneriya National Park is on the typical route most people take when exploring Sri Lanka. This means that going on a safari here is easy to organize and can be done in the afternoon or the morning. Elephants tend to retreat into the shade during the day, only re-emerging when the day is over.

Unlike other national parks where specialized guides and camping safari options are available, Minneriya National Park is small and the safari is limited to a drive to and from the main central lake.