Ramanaya sightseeing

This special tour takes you to the origins of the ancient Indian epic, The Ramayana, which addresses the principles of human life and the idea of Dharma while indicating the responsibilities of relationships and showing ideal characters. More than 50 Ramayana sites can be found in Sri Lanka, which is the proud custodian of the Ramayana heritage. These sites include the location of Seetha Devi’s captivity; the battlegrounds where large armies clashed; the exotic herb groves left by the monkey god Hanuman; and the ultimate battleground where Lord Rama defeated the ten-headed demon king Ravana.

People who live near historical events recall the connections between their local land and the grand epic. In village courts or grama sabhas, an oath sworn at the location of Seetha Devi’s “Agni Pariksha” is still seen as being considered. The historic battleground’s red dirt is still there today, and it is still bordered by lighter-colored soil. Hanuman set one of Ravana’s airports on fire when he arrived in search of Seetha Devi, and it still retains a scorched-earth appearance. a brown area with a darker patch of dirt in the center. Hanuman’s valiant journey lugging a mountain with life-restoring plants left behind exotic alpine Himalayan species unexpectedly amidst tropical Sri Lankan greenery.

Amazingly, despite significant social, cultural, and religious change since then in Sri Lanka, place names have survived to the present day unchanged.