Wilpattu National Park

The Wilpattu National Park, the largest and oldest national park in Sri Lanka, is situated on the west coast of the island and is largely made up of dense secondary forest mixed with minor clearings. However, Wilpattu is lusher and more picturesque, with a greater diversity of plants that can be found in different regions of the park than the semi-arid Yala. The park is exceptional for having a large number of villus, or basin-like natural tanks, which offer water to flocks of birds and herds of other animals in the wild. It is noteworthy that crocodiles live in these villus as well. However, Wilpattu’s reputation is mostly due to the presence of leopards and bears there. Leopards may frequently be seen relaxing or drinking water from one of the park’s numerous villus. Since January to May is regarded as the best time to come, Wilpattu’s rustic character makes it even more exciting to explore.